Pre-AP English II IB-MYP

Welcome to Pre-AP English II IB-MYP!

If you lose the syllabus, please feel free to download and print off another copy: 

Syllabus- Pre-AP English II 2013-14

Below is a copy of the syllabus:

Pre- AP English II IB-MYP Syllabus 2013-2014

page1image2584 page1image2744



TEXTS:Writer’s Choice: Grade 10, 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology, Glencoe Literature: The Reader’s Choice World

Literature, Reading the World, Modern World Literature. Please see Course Outline page for a list of learning resources

used for this class.

RATIONALE & COURSE DESCRIPTION – Pre- AP English II is a yearlong International Baccalaureate Middle Years

Program course that provides an intensive study in the acquisition of independent reading and writing strategies, as well

as the study of rhetoric and stylistic devices in literature. Writing instruction will focus on grammar skills, sentence variety,

and the internalization of different writing processes, focusing on argumentation and expository writing. Through the

exposure of a variety of World literature, including novels, plays, poems, short stories, and non-fiction selections, students

will use various instructional strategies to provide analysis of literary devices and their link to the meaning of

literature. Students should be able to use the reading, writing, and research skills acquired in the class to help them find

success in other courses, in subsequent English classes, and throughout their college experience.

METHODS – Class discussion, journal writing, Socratic Method, cooperative learning, reading and annotating, in-class

writing exercises, lecture and note-taking, essay writing, peer editing, one-on-one consultation, revising, essay first drafts,

revised essays, final exam, direct instruction, oral and silent reading, composition modeling, audio-visual, and research.

WEBSITE: My website contains syllabi, handouts, and special notes. Here, you can view links that I thought might be

helpful or interesting. I will also post links or websites that I recommend to students. Visit this site often. It is created for

you and is to be used as aid in learning and understanding in my classroom. I will also be utilizing a website called

Edmodo. This site looks similar to Facebook, but the best feature of this site is if you sign up to receive texts from this

site, then if I post that an assignment is due then you will receive that post as a text message.


All assignments must be treated as FINAL DRAFTS. If you do not meet all of the following standards, you will not earn a grade for that particular assignment.

Head your paper using MLA format
Write in complete sentences.
Answer all questions and/or all parts of questions.
Use clean, undamaged paper.
Write legibly. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it and will give you a zero.

It is expected that you will remember that you have homework assignments to submit, and your assignments must be ready for turn in before the bell rings, complete, stapled, and with all curly edges removed. Please note that I will not wait for you to write your heading on the paper, staple papers together, finish your work, or cut off curly edges from a spiral notebook during class time, as this should be completed on your own time. All of this must be done before the bell rings, and you must be in your seat and ready to learn once the bell rings. The only exception to this is excused tardiness (with a pass) or absence.

Expect homework nightly. Homework must be written in blue or black ink, or typed. All assignments handed in must have a proper heading. Failure to use a proper heading will result in a point deduction for the assignment. The following is what your heading must look like (on the top left side of your page, starting on the top line of your paper):

Your name
Mrs. Waugh
English – class period Date

page1image34168 page1image34328 page1image34488 page1image34648 page1image34808 page1image34968 page1image35128 page1image35288 page1image35448 page1image35608 page1image35768

(centered) Label the Assignment

ASSESSMENTS – Multiple choice quizzes; short answer and essay exams; narrative, analytical, expository, & persuasive essays; creative writing; oral presentations; visual presentations (including the use of Power Point, Prezi, Glog, Photostory)

GRADING – Daily assignments, exams, and quizzes will be graded on a point system. Major writing assignments will be assessed using a scale adapted from the Advanced Placement and/or the IB-MYP assessment scale. The grade on this scale will be converted into a point-system grade. Grades are based on a points-possible system and letter grades are based on the school’s grading scale. A participation grade will determined by using 100 points (a test grade) each semester. Students will receive participation points for being prompt, respectful, prepared, and attentive.

A= 100-90, B= 89-90, C= 79-70, D= 69-60, F= 59 & below

ABSENCE AND TARDY POLICY—It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he or she missed due to absence. In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule arrangements for make-up tests. Tests or quizzes can be made up before or after school only. Note that this is an honors class, and as such, I will not chase you down to remind you to make up a quiz. Assignments due on the day you were absent will be expected the day you return. You will have one day for each day of absence to make up any work. After this time window is up, your assignments – INCLUDING MISSED TESTS OR QUIZZES – will become zeroes and will no longer be accepted. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the homework board in the classroom and talk to a classmate to find out what you missed in class. Please do not come ask me what you missed once class has started. This should be taken care of during the time between classes or before or after school.

Major projects and papers will be assigned well in advance of a due date. If a major project or paper is not turned in on or before a due date, regardless of your attendance in the class, the assignment will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Consideration may be given for extenuating circumstances. (Extenuating circumstances do not include running out of printer ink, suddenly discovering a faulty printer, having computer disc issues, the Internet going down at your home, staying up until two in the morning only to have your computer crash, etc.). You, the student, are responsible for timely submission of your work. Emailed assignments will be accepted, but they must be submitted on or before the due date and time. An assignment submitted via e-mail will not be accepted after the start of the class period on the date that it is due. E-mail failure does not equate an extension on an assignment. Allow yourself plenty of time to be sure that the assignment was properly sent. Remember, printers break, computers malfunction, and dogs eat papers only the night before major assignments are due. Begin and finish your work before the due date and you will have no problems with machines, utilities, or animals. Please do not ask for exceptions. My rules are applied fairly to everyone; if you have problems, see me before papers are due.

Unexcused tardies are not allowed. Tardy students who do not have a pass from the office or another teacher will not be allowed to make up quizzes, bell work, or any other activities that are missed due to tardiness. In addition, homework will not be accepted from you if you are tardy without a pass. Homework is due at the beginning of the hour, and if you are not there and you do not enter the room with a pass, it will be considered late. If you are more than ten minutes late without a pass, you will be written up for truancy.

LATE WORK: If your absence is unexcused, late work will not be accepted for any reason (this includes all quizzes, tests, projects and papers).

See page 39 in your Soon-to-be Brilliant Handbooks. As Departmental policy, Freshman and Sophomores are allowed 1 “get out of jail free card” per semester. These cards will be passed out at the beginning of the year. I will not print out more if you accidentally lose one. You must staple this “get out of jail free card” to your late work. You can use it on minor or major assignments. It is your choice, but it must be used within one day of the original due date of the assignment.


  • Check white board, make-up work folder or website for handouts and assignments missed.
  • You will need to get class notes, journal topic, etc. from a friend
  • Some assignments may not be made up if they have been discussed in class or returned to students.
  • Points lost for peer group revisions can only be made up in a writing conference with me OUTSIDE of the class

    EXTRA CREDIT: Extra credit assignments may be given. Do NOT ask for extra credit at the end of a grading period. CLASS RULES AND VALUES:

    1. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
    2. Be prepared for class. Bring notebook, textbook, and writing implement every day.

page2image43008 page2image43168 page2image43328 page2image43488 page2image43648 page2image43808 page2image43968 page2image44128 page2image44288 page2image44448

  1. Restroom, Office and Hall Passes: Take care of personal business before class. Please do not interrupt me or other students to ask to leave or go to the bathroom.
  2. No food or beverages are allowed in the classroom except for water in a clear container. All inappropriate food/ beverage items will be thrown away.
  3. Try your best at all times.


  • Respect: Out of courtesy to me and your classmates, please do not talk while another is addressing the class. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Pay attention to me, to your peers, to deadlines, to the text, and to other teachers.
  • Keep up with daily assignments and reading.
  • Have homework completed and ready to turn in on the due date at the beginning of the hour. Papers without

    names will be considered late work. Consistently being unprepared for class will result in disciplinary action. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: In this class, academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to cheating on quizzes or exams

    (this includes talking during one of these), submitting essays that you did not write or that are the same in content as another student’s, copying the exact words of a source without using quotation marks, copying a source’s sentence structure, using a source’s ideas without documentation, or assisting others in these actions. The plagiarism policy of Booker T. Washington High School will be strictly enforced. Any work that has been plagiarized will result in a zero, and both administration and parents will be notified.

    CELL PHONE POLICY: The Dean’s cell phone policy will be strictly enforced.
    DISCIPLINE: Rules are posted in the room. Please follow them. Violations of classroom rules will be handled as follows: verbal warning, written warning, staying after class, phone call /email to parent or guardian, a meeting with counselors and/or parent, office referral. These are the consequences when you break a rule. One of these will happen, but there is no predetermined order. Either you or I will pick the most appropriate one, based on what will help you the most. I will do my best to be fair to each and every one of you, which means that students might get different consequences if I think they need different things to not make the same mistake. If you ever think that there is a better consequence for you than the one I chose, let me know what you think it is, and I will be happy to listen, but please do not complain about what happens to someone else.

    SUPPLIES: ( Please purchase by Monday, August 26, 2013)
    • Box of tissues
    • Three-ring binder (11⁄2 inch) with dividers (No spirals!)
    • Six dividers labeled Bellringers, Vocabulary, Grammar, Notes, Homework, Writing • Continuous supply of college-ruled notebook paper (No spiral paper!)

    • Pens (with blue or black ink only)
    • A flash drive (aka a jump drive or a thumb drive) This is the best way for a student to keep his or her typed assignments

    for all classes.
    • Highlighters (various colors)

    • Pencils (for scantrons)
    • Sticky notes – an endless supply
    • Soon-to-be-Brilliant Department Handbook – print the first 8 pages from this link:


    BELLRINGERS AND NOTEBOOKS: Each day at the beginning of class, students are given an assignment to work on from the board. Assignments will rotate among vocabulary and journal entries. Vocabulary work will consist of defining selected words from the assigned reading and writing an original sentence using the word. You may use vocabulary in writing assignments. Underline the word and if used correctly, you may earn extra points on that particular assignment.Journaling will consist of responding to prompts presented on the board or answering questions from Analytical Reading and Reasoning workbook and Grammar resources.The student is responsible for any bell-ringer activities he or she misses due to absences, field trips, or other school-related activities.These activities will be checked for completion as part of the notebook grade randomly throughout the semester. Always be ready for a Notebook check, so always bring your organized Notebook to class. Notes may take the form of handouts or student-copies or a combination of the two. They are the responsibility of the student and should be kept in the proper section of the Notebook.

page3image36640 page3image36800 page3image36960 page3image37120 page3image37280 page3image37440 page3image37600 page3image37760 page3image37920 page3image38080 page3image38240 page3image38400 page3image38560

TEXT CLAUSE: We will examine a variety of literature (written, oral, and cinematic). If any reading material or film covered in class is a conflict of interest for any student or parent, an alternative will be provided. Please send written notification (email or handwritten) one week before the text or film is read or viewed in class. Please read my course outline and visit my website often to see if any assignment is a conflict of interest.

COMMUNICATION: It is important to have constantly open lines of communication between the teacher, parents, and students. The best way to contact me is by email- I will usually answer the same day. Also, for general class information you can visit my website. Additionally, if a student has a ‘D’ grade for an extended period of time in my class they can expect a phone call or email to parents. I welcome parent contact and questions, and look forward to hearing from many of you.

HOW TO DO WELL IN THIS CLASS: Students will always ask “What’s the easiest way to pass your class?” There is a simple answer to this question: Show up to class every day on time and do the assigned work carefully and consistently. Students who do this in mine or any other class find it virtually impossible to fail, and in fact usually do quite well. The secret to being a good student (or, really, being good at anything) is no secret: show up and try. It’s that simple.

FINAL WORDS: I look forward to a great year where minds are expanded, horizons are broadened and we all become more knowledgeable world citizens. Our world is truly a remarkable place inhabited by extraordinary people. Enjoy being transported to different times and places and celebrate the differences among cultures while at the same time recognizing our common bonds. Other than the online summer coursework, the other prerequisite for this course is to come to class with an open mind and a willingness to learn!

Words and ideas taken from Eileen Erickson, Dr. Malone and Dr. Mercer, Discipline with Dignity, Bea Hoxie and MYP other sources.

page4image17544 page4image17704 page4image17864 page4image18024 page4image18184



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