Extra credit, Oedipus, Othello, MYP personal project, oh my!

Extra credit is due in all classes by November 7th.  That is the same day that the MYP personal project due. I have already presented all classes with notes on how to write the 2000 word essay and have given tips and suggestions for the project.

English II – Your MYP folktale is due tomorrow and we will begin Oedipus the King, starting with Ancient Greek Theater notes.   You will love this play! 

Pre-AP – We are finishing our movie/read-a-long with Julius Caesar. Your Antony/Brutus speech analysis worksheets are due tomorrow as well. Next, we will begin Othello and do a close reading of this play. I have offered an additional extra credit for my PREAPS since I am short 30 books for Othello.  If a student buys their own copy they get 5 points; if they donate it after we are done with the unity, I will give them an additional 5 points. After this unit, we will begin a rhetorical writing unit. 

All classes are going well.  It is getting close to the end of the year, so make sure to constantly turn in assignments if you are wanting your grade to change and to take advantage of the extra credit. Make sure that all typed assignments are printed before you come to class and that they are in MLA format. 


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