Week of September 23, 2013

We are trucking along here in room 316.  Important dates for students and parents:

September 30 – SRI testing in room 407

October 7 – Picture day – dress up day

October 8 – PLAN exam – 8:45am in Historical Building

October 16 – PSAT – 8:45am in Historical Building

November 7 – MYP personal project due

I will be giving the paper outline for the MYP personal project on October 7.  For English II, we just finished our African Literature unit and have begun our rhetorical mode writing unit.  Students are choosing what time of survival story they are wanting to write for the unit. We started with description and are moving to Narration and Process Analysis next  week. They have a rough draft paragraph due tomorrow. For my PREAPS, we are finishing Things Fall Apart by block day and are having our big Socratic Seminar on block day.  It is a fun time to have students take control of the classroom and be responsible for discussion.  We will have an in-class writing on Thursday over the African Literature Unit. After that, we travel to ancient Greece.  YAY!  I think I will start posting my lesson plans here as well on Edmodo.  I hope that will be helpful to students and parents.  Just know that assignments are subject to change.  My lesson plans are my best guest at how long certain assignments will take, but sometimes with school interruptions or if my classes need a little more time with something we are covering, then I might make some changes to my initial plans.  I am looking forward to the week ahead.


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